In The News Again/Katt Williams Arrested Again!

katt-williams1 In the news again comedian Katt Williams was arrested just after 10 p.m. Wednesday the 27th, at a restaurant in Atlanta.
 Williams was charged with battery after the incident, in which police said he hit the owner of the restaurant with a salt shaker. He bonded out of East Point jail a few hours after he was arrested, police said.

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The single charge stems from Williams allegedly striking a manager of Spondivits, a seafood restaurant on Virginia Avenue in Atlanta. According to police, Williams did not wait to be seated and, when asked by the manager to get up, Williams then threw the salt shaker. The victim suffered minor injuries, police said.

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Police said Williams left the scene of the incident before police arrived, but was later taken into custody without incident. They will continue to investigate the incident.

Arrest follows recent string of run-ins with law

This is just one of many incidents involving violence the comedian has been involved with in the past few months. Williams sucker punched a kid He was arrested for allegedly punching a cashier in Gainesville. A group of women accused him of assaulting them and stealing their cell phones in Atlanta, and his bodyguard accused Williams of holding him hostage and threatening to kill him.

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