In The Kitchen with Chef Nadal/Man Day/Sliders & Homemade Onion Rings

Welcome!! We're in the kitchen with Chef Nadal!!

chefnadal There isn't a man around that don't enjoy a good burger and homemade onion rings!!  So today we're bringing you sliders and not just any sliders, 3 different kinds. A burger isn't a burger unless its meaty and juicy and Chef Nadal will show you how to get the job done on top of stuffing these burgers with things that guys love. Chef Nadal Watch the video below as Chef Nadal shows you the in and outs:

Ingredients for mixing Burgers:

3lbs ground beef garlic (minced or powder) salt & pepper 1 egg worcestershire sauce table spoon Italian seasoning tablespoon of adobo tablespoon Montreal seasoning onions (diced) Mix by hand and let it set

Ingredients for Onion Rings:

Vidalia onions (onions of choice) Panko bread crumbs flour instant mashed potatoes beer of your choice salt & Pepper Cut unions a quarter inch thick and set to side

Ingredients for onion ring sauce:

mayonnaise ketchup hot sauce salt & pepper Mix every thing together to fit your taste and have a nice pinkish color, then set aside

Additional things for the burgers:

blue cheese crumbles jalapeno peppers bacon pineapple teriyaki sauce American cheese [slideshow id=16] If you have some requests or if you like to contact Chef Nadal please send email to

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One comment

  1. It looks good. Ill give that. BUT I perfer hot greese.
    1 bag of onion rings. Already made an cut
    1 box of hamburger’s
    1 loaf of bread.
    All them condiments an extra. Keep that 2 urself. Just put mayo on it.
    my kids are grown an can cook 4 self.
    When I go in the kitchen. Im looking 4 less mess 2 clean. An get outta it as quick as possible.

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