In The Kitchen With Chef Nadal/Fish Tacos with a Corn Salsa (food truck style)

Welcome!!! We're back In The Kitchen with Chef Nadal!!!


Chef Nadal is at it again!!

If you are a fish lover this video is for you!!  When you think of fish usually you think of fried or baked fish, which is really good but why not push the limits a little bit and try something different.  Chef Nadal and wanted to give you a different view on fish, so we came up with sautéed fish and then to push the limits a bit why not make it a taco.  Everybody loves a good taco, so now you have  the best of both & tacos!!! IMG_2143 Watch the video below as Chef Nadal shows you the ins and outs:  


Marinade for tacos: roasted garlic oil (or oil of your choice) minced garlic cilantro lime juice tajin seasoning (or seasoning of your choice) Marinate the fish of your choice for 30 minutes making sure the fish gets a good coating. Corn Salsa: can of corn (sweet) black beans (drained) half an onion (of your choice) cilantro lime juice vinegar lime zest (optional) Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies Mix all ingredients together and sit aside Cole Slaw: bag of precut slaw cup of mayonnaise vinegar lime juice salt & pepper tajin seasoning (seasoning of your choice) Mix all ingredients together but make sure it's not to wet When you get done with all the ingredients, start to assemble you tacos, starting with you taco shell.  Then add your fish. Then add as much cole slaw and corn salsa as you want. [slideshow id=17] Then sit battle, relax and let your palette get a treat!!!

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