In The Kitchen with Chef Nadal/Asiago Steak Alfredo!! is proud to present:

saresize Chef Nadal wanted to put his own spin on a popular dish that a lot of people enjoy.  He wanted to take chicken alfredo and put a new spin on it so he came up with steak alfredo.  A lot of people don't include steak to alfredo  because it winds up being chewy or tuff. Prepare your mouth for a taste explosion that will leave you saying  "Damn That Is Delicious" and you won't be able to back away from the plate. IMG_2208  


Noodle: Get the noodles of your choice and cook until al dente and put aside Alfredo: Heavy whipping cream Butter parmesan cheese asiago cheese salt & Pepper Spinach (To be added to sauce 5 minutes before plating) Cherry tomatoes (To be added to sauce 5 minutes before plating) Steak: Get the steak cut of your choice and marinate it in your favorite seasoning Make sure steak is at room temperature before you cook it [slideshow id=18] Pour your favorite glass of wine or have your favorite beer, sit back and enjoy your food.

If it looks good, it will taste good!!

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