If Life Gives You Lemons You Make….5 Awesome Lemon Tricks!!

unusual-uses-for-lemons Life hacks are those teeny weeny little things that smart people do to make life easier, better and more awesome! Here’s something about lemon! Ohh those old plastic containers! Those old plastic containers on which dirt settles overtime, all that you need to do is squeeze some lemon in warm water + your normal bar which you use to wash utensils. Use a simple scrubber, just in case required and you’d have your amazing container back! The big glass panes, gawd! Leave those ohh so costly glass cleaners. Squeeze 2 lemons in a litre of water + and you have the awesome glass cleaner. The best way is to store this solution in an empty spray bottle (of any cleaner that you have been using till date). Smokers – here’s the solution to your darkened lips! Add a few drops of lemon + glycerine and rub it twice a day on your darkened lips. BOOM! You’d see the results in a few weeks! Thank us later For the one’s with hair dandruff After you shampoo, in a mug of water, squeeze half a lemon and rinse your hair! That’s it. You don’t need those big advertising banners which sell you anti dandruff shampoos to fool you anymore! The inexpensive air freshener! Boil a few slices of lemon in about half a litre of water. Let it cool. Pour it in a spray bottle and there you go! Your own air freshener! Lemon slices background

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