How to Have an Orgasm Every. Single. Time.

If your not having the best sex ever then you might want to consider doing some of these steps. There is no excuse why you are not having orgasmic sex any and every time. doggiestyleDuring doggie-style, have your guy suddenly go really deep, so he strokes your G-spot with each thrust. It's an extra push that'll help you reach blast off. ridingWhen you feel your climax coming on, squeeze your PC muscles (pubococygeus aka female walls) for five seconds, then release them and do it again. The moves creates an intense friction against his penis, which will help speed you to that point of no return. 87064915-oral-sexHave him give you oral, his tongue on your clitoris gently, while he swivels his finger inside you at the same time. This combo works like a charm, and he'll feel like the man, since he's totally in control. _1766751When you're on top, lean forward and then grind back and forth in a circular motion. When you feel this close, ask your man to thrust his pelvis up a few times so he hits your clitoris even harder. That extra oomph will do the trick. missionary-sex-position During missionary, have him grip your thighs for balance, holding them wide. Then, reach down and stroke your clitoris. The sensation is amazing and it's even more intense when your body feels so exposed and open. leg up While he's on top, lift up your legs and press your feet firmly against his shoulders. That angle allows his pubic bone to be directly in line to hit your clitoris…uhh, win!  Then, grind your lower body against him as he's working it up top.  Stay in this position for a while, and you'll have a majorly explosive orgasm. nipple Touch your nipples as you feel yourself heading toward O-town. Massage them, squeeze them, whatever feels good. The extra sensation above the belt will keep you on track for an explosive finish. spoon Assume the spoon. Get into position so you're the little guy and he's the big one. Have him enter you while he's laying on his side—and guide his hand around to stroke your C spot at the same time. Your orgasm will be one of those full-on, shoot-through-your-entire body ones…get ready! black-woman-whispering-in-mans-ear Whisper your naughtiest fantasy into your guy's ear right as he's thrusting inside you. Just hearing the words and conjuring the image can send you, and your guy, into orgasmic bliss.

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