He’s Done It Again…..John Legend

john legend First off let me just say I'm a huge John Legend fan. I love his lyrics and passion. This album "Love in the Future" is like the first time I heard his first album. Straight Fire!!!! You can definitely tell he is in love. I felt like John Legend was in my bedroom with candles lit and lights turned down low while he sang in my ear, yes I said sang. When I got to the song Asylum I almost thru my panties at him (radio). It doesn't matter your mood because its something for everyone on this album. Kanye West produced almost the whole album, he wanted it to be really sexy and soulful and bring R&B back to where it needed to be. Mission accomplished!! Read More: John Legend Talks Kanye West's Work on 'Love in the Future' | http://theboombox.com/john-legend-kanye-west-bring-r-and-b-back-love-in-the-future/?trackback=tsmclip John Legend – “Love In The Future” Tracklist:What do you think? 01. Love In The Future (Intro)What do you think? 02. The Beginning… 03. Open Your Eyes 04. Made To Love 05. Who Do We Think We Are (Ft. Rick Ross) 06. All Of Me 07. Hold On Longer 08. Save The Night 09. Tomorrow 10. What If I Told You? (Interlude) 11. Dreams 12. Wanna Be Loved 13. Angel (Interlude) (Ft. Stacy Barthe) 14. You & I (Nobody In The World) 15. Asylum 16. Caught Up Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:What do you think? 17. So Gone 18. We Loved It (Ft. Seal) 19. Aim High 20. For The First Time

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