Has Makeup Got a Bad Rep?


While scrolling through social media I'm constantly seeing post from random woman talking about
  • Who is wearing make up
  • Who needs to wear makeup
  • She only looks good because she got a ton of make up on
  • I don't have to wear makeup to look good
  • My eyelashes are on fleek
  • She looks like a naked rat without her lashes on
Although sometimes I do agree with the comments, I cant help but think makeup has gotten a bad rep. Makeup is complicated! Because while, at its best, it's a sign of independence, it can also become a crutch. When you think you "have" to wear it, it makes you feel worse about yourself. But when you are given the free choice to express yourself with it, it's empowerment. It's a difficult balance to strike! You have people who don't know how to properly apply make up and they come outside in the daytime with there night time make up on! You also have those individuals who apply make up and they look totally different from their normal self! Then you have those women that use makeup for what its true intent was, and that's to accent your natural self or cover blemishes etc! nina-before-after I say if you want to wear makeup then you should, just like if you want to change your hairstyle you should or for that matter what ever you want to change you should because you have to do what's best for you. Just learn how to apply it properly in different scenarios (club, church, work). You can call a Mary Kay consultant or go to the nearest mall and they will be glad to give you lessons.   There is such a thing as to much and you should never alter your appearance. P.S. If someone looks up at you and does a slight jump that means you need to rethink your makeup choice or you need to wipe some off. P.S.1 If someone will not give you eye contact, you might want to rethink your choice of makeup.        

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