Girl, 8, survives being struck by car while playing in front of her house

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Cassidy Wall, 8, was playing with her 5-year-old sister when a car fleeing police sent a parked car crashing into her, propelling her into the air. She survived with only a concussion. The entire incident was captured on dramatic video. This video is frightening.  Your children are playing in front of their home.  Dad is outside, so they were supervised.  Out of nowhere an idiot trying to get away from police - almost kills your child. God bless her she only had a concussion.  Could have been so much worse. It’s the stuff of parents’ nightmares: On a recent Friday night, two young sisters were playing outside in front of their Pennsylvania home when an out-of-control car came barreling right toward them. On May 9, Cassidy Wall, 8, was having fun with her 5-year-old sister Zmyiah and riding her scooter along the sidewalk. Seemingly out of nowhere, a car fleeing from police hit a parked car near the girls’ home. The parked car began spinning wildly, crashing into Cassidy and sending her flying. "I fell and flew in the air, and I landed on my head," said Cassidy, who survived the ordeal with only a concussion. The entire incident got captured by security video. Zmyiah managed to get out of the way just in time on the porch steps of her family’s home in Erie, Pa. "The car crashed in and then (Cassidy) got hit," said Zmyiah, who escaped the incident with bumps and bruises. "She flew all the way up in the sky and fell on her head." Cassidy said she’s still frightened after what happened. "Every time cars come past me when I'm at home, I just go in the house,” Cassidy said. “Right now, I'm scared of cars. "When I saw the video, every time I thought about it, I started crying. ‘Cause it hurt my feelings, and I didn't like what I saw." Cassidy isn’t the only one who is frightened: The entire Wall family remains traumatized by the crash. "I was terrified. I still am terrified," said Cassidy's father, Delorean Wall. "As a father, you don't want that to happen to your children. It's crazy." Two men have been charged in connection with the crash. Angelo Moore, 18, faces a number of charges including attempting to elude police, aggravated assault by vehicle and drug possession. Brandon Carlson, 18, faces drug and weapons charges. Cassidy's dad said he’s just grateful his daughter survived. "It could have happened to anybody's kids, and it could have been worse,” he said. “So all I can tell people is just to watch your kids."

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