Georgia Man Saves 15-Month-Old Crawling Near Highway

This past Friday Bryant Collins found a 15-month-old child on the side of the highway. Since long before he learned the value of making good choices he knew that it was time for him to save a life. The baby had crawled about 300 yards from her home through the woods. Soon her 37 year old father Timothy Pickens showed up to the scene. He was yelling "Thats my child!" But on the way to get to the man holding his child he pushed a deputy and got arrested. Just soon after the mother came to the scene. She told the police that she came home to a missing baby and asked her other kids to help look for the child and she called the police as soon as she was aware. She has not been arrested but most likely she will be. In all of that the child was not hurt. Only once did the baby cry and was calmed down with gospel music played by Bryant on his phone. Today Bryant is a hero but he couldnt have saved her if he didnt save himself. He was once manufacturing cocaine and in a federal institution. Now he has changed his life around and was able to save another.

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