Frank Ocean’s Dad Is Suing Russell Simmons For $142,000,000/WTF!!!

Frank Oceans dad is sue Russell Simmons

In get the fuck out here news, Frank Ocean's father just slapped hip hop mogul Russell Simmons with a $142 million lawsuit for calling him a deadbeat dad. Calvin Cooksey  who hasn't been part of Ocean's life since his son was 5 says he's been unfairly portrayed as a horrible father on Simmons' website, Global Grind. In his lawsuit, Cooksey goes on the attack  saying he wasn't allowed to be a father to Frank because his "Money Grubbing mother" moved, and hid the boy from him. Which sounds like what every dead beat dead would say.  They always try to put it off on the mother. Cooksey says Simmons published lies about him without checking facts  and worst of all  never bothered to use his actual name in the posts about Ocean's father. Translation: at least defame me by using my proper name! The crazy thing is, if he truly wanted to be apart of his sons life whether she let him or not, it's just to easy to go to court and do what you got to do.  Instead he chooses to sue someone that don't have anything to do with the situation. Cooksey is suing for loss of future income  he describes himself as a singer, writer and inventor and thinks the $142 million should just about cover it.  What we want to know is what have you invented, what song have you written that people would know you from. Sounds like a man who just wants some money so he doesn't have to work. There has been no comment from Russell Simmons as of yet.  

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