Fox News Wonders If Calling Michael Brown An ‘Unarmed Teen’ Is Biased

Lets talk. How many times has it been reported that the Officer was a 'six year officer, with a clean record'? Where is the bias there? (sarcasm).
Why is it that the highest law enforcement person Eric Holder is being criticized for doing his job. It amazes me how the media can put any spin on a story they want no matter how stupid it sounds. He was an unarmed black man shot by a white officer, that is fact not bias.. Am I wrong?
"Is 'Unarmed Teen' Description Misleading?" mb Fox News contributor Linda Chavez was the one asking this question. There's a very easy answer. Michael Brown was a teenager. He was unarmed. Therefore, describing him as an "unarmed teen" is the definition of "factual." Chavez, however, thought it wasn't exactly describing the situation correctly. "That description in and of itself actually colors the way in which we look at this story," she said, as if people weren't supposed to take anything from the fact that Brown was unarmed when he was killed. "We're talking about an 18-year-old man who is 6'4" and weighs almost 300 pounds, who is videotaped just moments before the confrontation with a police officer strong arming an employee and robbing a convenience store." So, in Chavez's framing, Brown's height and weight put him on an equal footing with the man who shot him. She didn't explain why, if that was so, Brown is dead.

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