Florida man known as ‘Fat Boy’ hides marijuana in belly fat

Deputies found marijuana nestled in the stomach chub of a 450-pound Florida man known as “Fat Boy.”

mitchell450 The drug-running suspect and his driver were pulled over near Osteen on Friday for not wearing a seat belt. The big passenger, Christopher Mitchell, 42, told the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputy he was too fat to wear a seatbelt, arrest records show. Mitchell goes by “Biggie” as well, according to the Florida Department of Corrections’ website. But the two men appeared nervous and the deputy called in a drug-sniffing dog that immediately picked up on cocaine in the front seat and traces of marijuana. Volusia County Sheriff's Office/Volusia County Sheriff's Office The driver, Keithian Roberts, 38 was arrested for possession of cocaine. The deputies searched Mitchell and fount 23 grams of marijuana hidden under his fat. Police also found a handgun in the middle console and $7,000 in cash stuffed in a tube sock. The suspects tried to hide the smell of drugs with carpet freshener and scented dryer sheets, but that didn’t work. The driver, Keithian Roberts, 38, was arrested for possession of cocaine and Mitchell was arrested for possession of marijuana and for not wearing a seat belt. Mitchell was convicted in 2002 for conspiracy to traffic cocaine, but records show he has gained about 200 pounds since then.  

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