Finally!!! Jazmine Sullivan Is Back!!

2011-topic-music-jazmine-sullivan Yes!!! Im so excited!! She is back!!! There are very few singers who can match Jazmine Sullivan's vocal prowess---point, blank, period. In less than five years, the Philly bred singer has managed to personify "what's good" in music, garnering eight Grammy Award nominations, the 2009 Centric Award, two critically acclaimed albums, and five top 20 Billboard R&B hits, including her 2008 chart topping debut single, Need U Bad. Since releasing her 2010 sophomore album, Love Me Back, Sullivan has kept a low profile, becoming a bit of an enigma. But the mystery surrounding her makes the demand for her music that much more greater. 040512-celebs-cake-jazmine-sullivan While on stage, she candidly shared that her extended break was the result of a battle with pressure to conform to beauty standards in the entertainment industry, tackling her own insecurities, and an abusive relationship. Now that we are all caught up lets get to this new track that she got out called "Dumb" featuring Meek Mill. The haunting hard hitter serves as the lead single from the song birds third studio album called "Reality Show".  She hasn't missed a beat.  Its good to hear her raspy sultry beautiful voice again and she does not disappoint with this track.   Every woman who has gone through heartache here is your Anthem. On top of blessing this track with her lovely voice, she added Meek Mill.  Pure Fire!!  What a great way to say hello to her fans.  This was a great combination. It's already on repeat in my car.   Quotable Lyrics
  • No other chick but you shawty
  • I ain't trippin' off you shawty
  • Heard I'm in my old hood, but I ain't trippin' when you party
  • Love hurts and I feel your pain
  • Through all the fame I still remain
  • The same nigga I been

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