Fashion Model Megan Hawke took bullet meant for Suge Knight!!

0825-megan-hawkins-instagram-3 Fashion model Megan Hawkins just earned her street cred, but it may hamper her career.  She took a bullet apparently meant for Suge Knight at Chris Brown's VMA party, and took it in the butt. The 5'11" blonde-haired, blue-eyed model posted photos  showing her in a hospital bed and using a walker to get around  with the comment, "my ass took a 9mm and I'm keeping it as a souvenir." Megan -- who's just 19 -- was one of 3 people shot inside 1Oak nightclub early Sunday morning. Here's an unspoiled view of Megan pre-wound. Enjoy. 0825-subasset-megan-instagram2-2

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