Eric Garners Family Demanded To Take Blood test before 7 Million Settlement!?!

Let me get this straight, the lawyer for Eric Garner’s 2-year-old love child has demanded that the children of Eric Garner undergo DNA tests to prove that they are his before dividing up the $7 million settlement after their father’s death.  A DNA test has confirmed that Garner is the biological father of a 2-year-old girl. Her name is Legacy and she’s in line to receive the largest share of what’s likely to be a huge payout from the city.

Eric Ganer love childLorraine Coyle, who represents 2-year-old Legacy Miller, made the shocking demand on Wednesday. During a hearing behind closed doors at the Staten Island Surrogate Court, Coyle demanded the tests because Garner’s name does not appear on the birth certificates for the other children. Eric Garner -family

Jonathan Moore, the Garner family’s lawyer, seemed shocked by what he called an “offensive” demand.

“Why do that when there’s no reason to do that?” Moore asked the New York Daily News. “Everyone knows they are his children.” “I don’t think she (Coyle) would have said this if the Garner family had a different complexion,” Moore said.

Coyle has argued that she is only doing her “due diligence” because she does not believe Esaw Garner’s reasoning for leaving her husband’s name off the birth certificates. Esaw Garner said that she had kicked Eric Garner out of the hospital because he was “getting on my nerves” when she was going into labor and added that as for the birth certificates, “It didn’t make any difference to him, he knew they were his kids.”

FYI: When a man and woman decide that they want to get together and become one, they accept/take on everything that comes with that person. Even if he wasn't the father, he formed bonds with those kids and they looked at him like he was their dad. Why does that matter?

It's unfortunate that the Garner family had/has to go thru this after having to watch Eric Garners death play out on social media and media outlets dragged his name through the mud.

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