Dwight Howard rewrites his story with fresh start in Houston

What a difference a year makes.In 2013, Dwight Howard was a spoiled, soft, pretend superstar who couldn’t handle the biggest stage and wouldn’t have any major success until he stopped trying to please people and truly developed his game.In 2014, Dwight Howard is a solid, secure, All-Star presence in the middle who has found a city and a team that fits him, and the stage is set for a return to the late rounds of the post-season.Short of Pharrell, or maybe Matthew McConaughey, it’s hard to imagine who’s had it better over the last 12 months than D12. One year ago he was a major part of the wreckage that was the Los Angeles Lakers season, a big-budget blockbuster that never gained traction, swept away in the first round of the playoffs, and the subject of a “Keep Dwight” movement that always felt a little half-hearted.One year later, Dwight is healthy, rested, and ready to begin the playoffs with a team that appears, on paper at least, to stack up with the rest of the contenders in an incredibly deep Western Conference. via Dwight Howard rewrites his story with fresh start in Houston | FOX Sports on MSN.

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