Dozens stranded when SeaWorld ride malfunctions

Have you ever thought to yourself "What would happen if I get on a Ride at an amusement park and it just stop working"? sea-world Dozens of people were stranded more than 200 feet up on a revolving tower at SeaWorld San Diego for hours Sunday when a power failure stalled the ride, authorities said. Forty-six visitors and two park employees were on the Skytower when it stopped. The ride features a revolving capsule that rises to the top of a 320-foot tower to give visitors a panoramic view. The capsule stopped about 220 feet up, city fire spokesman Lee Swanson said. "The guests were never in danger and park officials were in constant communication with them while the power failure was being addressed. Two SeaWorld employees were also in the Skytower providing guests with water and snacks," park spokesman David Koontz said in a statement. After four hours, power was restored and the ride descended shortly before 7:30 p.m. Firefighters stood by and were prepared to rescue the riders but that proved unnecessary, Swanson said. No injuries were reported but a 17-year-old boy was taken to a hospital for treatment of anxiety, Swanson said. The cause of the power failure is under investigation. Does this make you step back and reconsider getting on these types of rides?

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