Do you think she should have been fired for taking the pic?

BeyonceIt hasn’t been a great week for Beyoncé. The Drunk in Love singer is first of all getting sued by two of her fans and now, she has apparently gotten a shop assistant fired, for taking a picture of her. The 32-year-old singer went to do some shopping at Bergdorf Goodman, a department store in New York City, where staff were on high alert of her arrival. Reports are now surfacing, that a shop assistant at Bergdorf’s was fired for taking a photo of Beyoncé, while she was looking at handbags. According to one source: “Knowles complained to management that her privacy had been violated and the young woman was dismissed.” Beyoncé hasn’t been a fan of photographs in the past and had even banned professional photographers from attending her concerts, during her Mrs. Carter World Tour. So that leads to the questions, Do you feel that celebrities should be open to taking picture and signing autographs at any time that they come in contact with fans?  Is there a time where you feel they should have there privacy?  If a celebrity calls ahead to a store to let them know they are coming for a private shopping experience should employees be penalized for taking pictures and posting to public social media during the celebrities visit? via Did Beyoncé really have someone fired for taking her picture? | Shemazing!.

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  1. Shantelle walker

    I have never been a fan of her. But she still deserves her private time. If she wanna shop 4 pocketbook In peace I suggest she use some of her money an have the store brought 2 her.i mean if it was a problem. But getting SOME1 fired. All behind a pic. An she didn’t have a problem with them posting a pic of that kid of hers head. Looking like that child had from birth til NOW SLEEP KNOTS. She didn’t get no1 fired ov a that. Had the kid out looking like bobby an Whitney kid. Wat her name again. Bobby crack/an wateva else you got on you christina Houston. Poor kid. Stuck up momma

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