DIY: Never Toss A Paper Towel Again!

 DIY Paper-Towel-Rolls- You’re done with your roll of paper towels, so naturally, you toss out that empty paper towel roll…right? Think again. Throwing away (or recycling) your paper towel rolls is a waste of a perfectly good craft-in-the-making. You may not have considered it before, but those paper towel rolls have endless possibilities for fun and functionality! Watch the video below and learn 4 amazing ways you can use your next empty roll.
Desk Organizer – Cut the rolls varying different heights, then cover that boring brown roll with some fun wrapping paper! Hot glue the rolls to a turntable for your desktop for a stylish way to hold pencils, scissors and other office supplies! Makeshift Castle – Get the kids together for playtime to make a paper towel roll castle! The kids will have so much fun drawing the towers and you have a free way to entertain them! Wrapping Paper Cover – Cut the empty roll open and wrap it around the ends of your opened wrapping paper rolls. With the ends protected, your wrapping paper will stay together and the ends won’t get torn and frayed. Cookie Dough Holder – This is especially sweet. Package your own cookie dough by stuffing it in a cut open paper towel roll! Hold the roll together with elastic bands and refrigerate for two hours for perfectly shaped cookies. Don’t let your imagination stop there. Check out some interesting ways to upcycle toilet paper rolls, too! Do you use any rolls in creative ways? Share them in the comments section below.

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