Daycare Worker Alexis Wilson-Britten Filmed Kicking Toddler

A teacher at a Georgia day care, faces criminal charges after security video shows her kicking a toddler. Clayton County police arrested Alexis Wilson-Britten for alleged simple battery on Nov. 7. The video shows Wilson-Britten, 22, put her foot on the 20-month-old boy and push him back when he tries to bring her a toy. The boy is the son of another teacher at the day care facility. One of the incidents that led to Wilson-Britten being fired involved the boy's brother, who fractured his arm after falling on the playground. Wilson-Britten failed to report the incident, which led to her being fired. She once "taped a pacifier to a toddler's mouth to keep her from crying." It is unclear why Wilson-Britten wasn't immediately disciplined following the pacifier incident. Because she wasn't disciplined; other children were hurt. At least now she is going to jail. Hopefully, this charge will keep her away from children for the rest of her life. My question is where was the mother of the two boys? She is a teacher at the same day care!

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