Culpeper man fined for spiking coworker’s coffee with urine

When Spiking Coworkers Coffee Goes Wrong!! coffee A Culpeper County jury ordered 53-year-old James Carroll Butler to pay Michael Utz for the 2009 incident. James Carroll Butler Butler confessed to urinating in a toilet and using a soda can to scoop out the liquid before adding it to Utz’s coffee pot.  Butler then  waited for Utz to make coffee and drink it. However, Utz saw the urine-filled carafe before making coffee and reported the incident to police. He spent one month in jail for assault. At the time, Butler said: "I done something I am very much ashamed of to a  co-worker for [reasons, which are] stress-related [AND]things going on in my  life on and off the job." "I am very much ashamed of my stupid and childlike behavior," he added. Utz sued for over $700,000 in damages, but his lawyer told the newspaper his client was “really, really happy about the victory and he’s glad it’s done.” via Culpeper man fined for spiking coworker’s coffee with urine |

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