CM Punk: Where Can He Wrestle Now?

CM Punk. Just the name alone is enough to bring wrestling fans to their feet or sigh in disdain. Maybe it is because he is so entertaining to watch as a performer. Or maybe it is his in-ring abilities, which are so good, Punk received a rare recommendation by Mick Foley himself. Or maybe it is Punk’s ability to turn a microphone into a pipe bomb. No matter what you love about CM Punk, it may be evident by now he won’t be returning to the WWE though this writer hopes he is wrong.Actually, the best time for CM Punk to make an impact on a return was during Wrestlemania XXX. The best matches for him to crash: either Daniel Bryan versus Triple H or the triple threat match for the title. Punk showed up for neither. Also, Paul Heyman may have accidentally outed that CM Punk may never return to the WWE. In that case, what does CM Punk have left wrestling-wise? What can he do? via CM Punk: Where Can He Wrestle Now?.

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