Chris Brown Unloads Monster House/Could This be a Good Sign?

0616-chris-brown-house-tmz-4 We all know of Chris Browns criminal past, so when I came across this story I felt like ok Chris, maybe this is your way of getting rid of old things that caused you to act out. Chris Brown has finally dumped two properties he's been trying to unload, including his notorious and hated graffiti monster house in the Hollywood Hills. According to TMZ: Real estate sources say the HH home is in escrow  for $1.79 mil. and sold a penthouse condo in West Hollywood that's been on the market for 2 years. Chris decided to sell the Hollywood Hills home after battling the city of L.A. and his neighbors over the brightly colored creatures he painted on his walls. He eventually covered it up. Chris bought the 3-BR crib for $1.5M in 2011 with real estate fees, he'll be lucky to break even. As for the WeHo condo  Brown bought it for $1.6 in 2011 and sold it for the same price. Chris' neighbors will certainly be celebrating ... they hated him for throwing loud, endless parties.  

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