Casey Kasems Body — Rotting in Norway

1107-casey-kasum-getty2-3 WTF!!!  This story is truly sad because no one should have to go thru this. Casey Kasems body is decomposing in a Scandinavian mortuary and his kids have gone to court before theres no body left to bury. Kerri Kasem filed legal docs obtained by TMZ  asking a judge to force Jean Kasem to bring Caseys remains back to the U.S. Casey died in June, and his body has been rotting away in Norway since August. Jean has not even had the body embalmed, according to legal docs. The children are also worried an autopsy will be fruitless if the decomposition continues. They believe Jeans motive is to make an autopsy impossible so she will not be prosecuted for elder abuse something the LAPD is investigating. In other words if time goes on and the body remains in Norway Jean could dodge a bullet.  

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