California Woman Finds Body Parts In Her Salad From Applebee’s


California Woman Finds This Body Part In Her Salad

How would you feel  if you sat down for a quiet dinner with your family and next thing you know you’re munching on fingertips instead of chicken tenders? Well, unfortunately Mrs. Cathleen Martin of Atascadero , California found out the hard way. While chowing down on the ‘Chinese chicken salad’ at a local Applebee’s she found a bloody surprise in her bowl of greens.   

A fingertip.

  Yes, by fingertip we mean the tip of someone’s finger. Gross! After showing the manager, he confirmed that the fingertip was from one of the cook’s. To make matter’s worse, Martin claimed the entire family ate from the salad, which would include her unborn child. Really Applebee's......Really! According to Fox News, Applebee’s issued a public letter offering their deepest apologies and are doing what they can to address her concerns. Despite the apology, the family lawyered up quick and are suing for unspecified damages, medical expenses, and loss of income and we don't blame them. At the end of the day, the finger was bloody and not to accuse the employee of having anything but yeah that's a strong possibility.

3 questions immediately came to mind!

  1.  How do you not realize your missing a finger tip?
  2. How do you not try to find it?
  3. If you couldn't find it how do you serve food that was in the area where you misplaced your damn finger tip?

Applebee’s better be ready to cough up the cash!

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