This is an interesting story.  My 9 year old God Daughter Leah S. Harris, wanted to get her thoughts out to other children about bullying. Leah is as I said 9 years old.  A beautiful young lady inside and out.  Her Mom calls her 'her special child', simply because she is.  She cares about everything and everyone.  She wants the homeless to be housed, she wants the hungry fed, she wants world peace, she wants all stray animals adopted and loved.  Really, this is Leah!  Leah is shy and not outspoken at all.  She gets bullied and she won't speak out or up - because she doesn't want to hurt the bully's feelings. Go figure. Here are some of her thoughts:   I think that bullying needs to stop because.
  1. You don’t want it to happen to you, you would feel mad and sad.
  2. You would regret it when you get older.
  3. It is mean and hateful to bully.
bully2 It was a girl that was being bullied so much she almost killed herself. I think that people should stop bullying and start being nice to other people. I think that if it was me getting bullied I would be sad and I would tell someone.  When you see someone bullying you should tell them to stop the bullying. bully4 I hope that you listen to what I have to say. Do not bully people do not let people bully you. I hope you do what this story says and I’m sure you will be fine. A lot of kids have killed themselves because they got bullied, a lot. I feel really sad to hear that. I hope that you don’t do that because that would make your family friends and people who care about you really sad.   I KNOW THAT I CARE, SO I WOULD BE REALLY BE UPSET. When you see someone getting bullied tell an adult. I hope you read this and stop the bullying so it can be a better place. bully3 Do you think that it should stop?  Well, if it is a yes, I think you picked the right choice? I think that you should help prevent bullying from happening.

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My close family call me Mimi, you will too. A 53 year old black female with many thoughts and opinions. I am vocal and passionate. I was raised old school and am proud to know most children that I had any influence over are carrying on the right way. 'Please, Thank You, Yes Ma'am, No Sir'. Divorced a couple times and no children of my own. I have lived a full and diverse life. Well educated and very liberal a Baptist raised in the church. I hope my posts, information, and opinions in my blog inspire you to open up a conversation. Pass along the usually hidden unheard of and unknown facts of how life is being lived today. Welcome to my thoughts....


  1. Thank you for the post and I hope that you see more in the blog.

  2. This is an excellent story! The view of a child who sees it first hand. To have her write this was pure genius! My hat off too any and everythin blog; and to little Ms. Leah! Great work!

  3. I always have heard and seen people or children who are bullied. Threatened, hurt, verbally abused, etc. It`s really hurt seeing people get hurt. “haters will say what they want, but their hate will never stop you from chasing your dream”. I suggest a safety application you could use if you are in trouble. check this out for more info. http://safekidzone.com/#!/page_home

  4. I was prepared 2 say. She needs 2 stand up 4 herself an put her foot down. An/or possibly up in some1 azz. THEN I remember. This is leah. She is a sweet an loving kid. She care’s about thing’s that let’s face it ppl. ALOT of kids dont care any more. She has a heart of gold. Like that smile that lights up the room so bright that it make you wanna grab ur sunglasses. This child. Is blessed with a kind heart. Not only 4 the ppl she know an love. But also 4 the ppl that give her hell. Im glad she has a strong upbringing. She 4 her kindness 2 all that wrong her. ONLY MAKES HER THAT MORE LOVELY INSIDE AN OUT.

    Parental advisory.

    If I eva catch the lil ghetto fuckers messing with my baby. Ill show you what a real bully can do. SHE HAS A HEART. I WOULD ALL THE MORE SOON RIP IT OUT UR CHEST AN ROAST IT ON AN OPEN FLAME.

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