BREAKING NEWS!!!Judge Joe Brown — Arrested After Court Meltdown

03-24-14-judge-joe-brown-tmz-5 Judge Joe Brown just got a taste of his own medicine -- the former TV judge was arrested after allegedly blowing a gasket at a Memphis juvenile court ... TMZ has confirmed. Brown showed up to court Monday to represent someone in a child support case -- but was turned away by court staff, who informed Brown they had no record of the case in question.Brown reportedly lost it ... becoming verbally abusive and was warned several times to quiet down.Brown reportedly ignored the judge and was subsequently arrested for contempt of court. Brown was initially ordered to spend two days in jail, but it was increased to three days when Brown continued to yell and scream as he was being removed from the courtroom. If anybody has ever watched his show you know that he is very opinionated.  He doesn't tolerate disrespect in his court room, which is why my mouth dropped when I got this story.  Now because he couldn't contain his self he has to do 3 days in lock up.  Can someone say KARMA!!  Practice what you preach! This is definitely not how a person of his statue should act.  I'm thinking maybe its more to the story then what is begin said   via Judge Joe Brown -- Arrested After Court Meltdown |

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  1. Shantelle walker

    He may preach on respect. But he also preaches on the facts that the court system when it comes 2 children is really screwed up. My money is that bn the reason 4 the manner in which he took.

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