Boston Marathon officials

If the people most affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings never wanted to return to the marathon scene or Boylston Street (the site of the bombings) again, it would be completely understandable. But, in the weeks following the 2013 Boston Marathon, the Boston Athletic Association started to hear from some of those people who were most impacted. They didn’t want to stay away; instead, they wanted to return as runners for the 2014 marathon. The B.A.A. extended an invitation to all potential runners who were greatly impacted by the bombings by posting an announcement in the fall asking anyone who was profoundly impacted by the bombings and hoping to run in 2014 to send in a 250-word essay explaining how the events of 2013 and the reaction to them inspired them to run in 2014. The response was tremendous.041814-Kellie-Marshall-Confirmation-PI-CH_vadapt_955_medium_67 Thomas Grilk, the executive director of the B.A.A., said he was not surprised by that reaction. “What happened last year in April was an attack not on the Boston Marathon but an attack on Boston, an attack on the United States, an attack on freedom, on our way of life,” Grilk said. “The universality of the response, of that resilience, of that determination to move forward and live lives the way people choose themselves has, I think, given rise to the interest we’ve seen here. “As we thought about it, we certainly found all of those stories quite moving. We thought that we should set aside a number of entries for such people.” Thus marked the creation of the “profoundly impacted” bib for the 2014 Marathon. via Boston Marathon officials | FOX Sports on MSN.

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