Black Women We Have Lost to Police Involvement

Black Women's Lives Matter!  Here is a list of some of the highly publicized deaths of black women, either in police custody dying or police caused deaths.  It seems ridiculous how the rate of black women dying by police hands has escalated in recent years.  Let's pay attention, R.I.P. ladies.

India Kager: Died Sep. 6, 2015, age 28, Virginia Beach, VA

Raynette Turner: Died Jul. 27, 2015, age 43, Mt. Vernon, NY

Ralkina Jones: Died Jul. 26, 2015, age 37, Cleveland, OH

Kindra Chapman: Died Jul. 23, 2015, age 18, Homewood, AL

Joyce Curnell:  Died Jul. 22, 2015, age 50, Charleston, SC

Sandra Bland: Died  Jul. 13, 2015, age 28, Waller County, TX

Natasha McKenna: Died Feb. 8, 2015, age 37, Fairfax, VA

Tanisha Anderson: Died Nov. 13, 2014, age 37, Cleveland, OH

Yvette Smith: Died Feb. 16, 2014, age 47, Bastrop, TX

Miriam Carey: Died Oct. 3, 2013, age 34, Washington, D.C.

Shelly Frey: Died Dec. 6, 2012, age 27, Houston, TX

Darnisha Harris: Died Dec. 2, 2012, age 16, Breaux Bridge, LA

Malissa Williams: Died Nov. 29, 2012, age 30, Cleveland, OH

Alesia Thomas: Died Jul. 22, 2012, age 35, Los Angeles, CA

Shantel Davis: Died Jun, 14, 2012, age 23, New York City, NY

Rekia Boyd: Died Mar. 22, 2012, age 22, Chicago, IL

Shereese Francis: Died Mar. 15, 2012, age 29, New York City, NY

Aiyana Stanley-Jones: Died May 16, 2010, age 7, Detroit, MI

Tarika Wilson: Died Jan. 4, 2008, age 26, Lima, OH

Kathryn Johnston: Died Nov. 21, 2006, Atlanta, GA

Alberta Spruill: Died May 16, 2003, age 57, New York City, NY

Kendra James: Died May 5, 2003, age 21, Portland, OR


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