Keep Your Hos Away From Our Son! Blac Chyna To Tyga

Tyga-and-Blac-Chyna-swing By now everybody know that Tyge and Blac China aren't together anymore and as of right now Blac Chyna has laid down the law with Tyga. She wants him to  keep his groupies and hos away from their son. Blac Chyna went nuclear after their breakup  when Tyga began hosting raunchy pool parties with "skanky women" as their 1-year-old King Cairo looked on. They both promised each other not to expose their kid to unsavory conduct and screwing around in swimming pools counts. But she says there's another  even more serious problem.  She says they promised each other not to introduce King Cairo to their boyfriends and girlfriends, because if another person comes into his life and then just goes away it will traumatize him. She says Tyga's already broken that promise. Tyga is telling friends  maybe he's violated their deal, but she's no saint either. He claims she's been spending time with other men. It's gotten so bad  they're each threatening to take the other to custody court. Tyga-and-Blac-Chyna-6

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