Beyonce’s Dad Gets Around!! DNA TEST … YOU’RE THE DAD!

0917-mathew-knowles-getty-4 Apparently Mathew Knowles gets around.  I'm sure Ms. Tina Knowles is glad she left him along time ago. Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, doesn't need Maury Povich to tell him he's a daddy again a DNA lab in TX just did it for him. According to TMZ, they  obtained a copy of a paternity test ordered by a judge in Houston after Knowles was sued by a lingerie model turned real estate agent, who claims he knocked her up in 2010. 0917-taqoya-branscomb-2According to the DNA test ... there's a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of TaQoya Branscomb's child. Branscomb will now go after Knowles for child support  but that could be tricky. He's already paying another baby mama  but the judge slashed his support obligations because he's now broke as a joke after getting the boot from Bey. article-2684036-1F77DE6A00000578-393_634x810 What's sad to me is that he has been working in music industry for many years, how in the hell do you not plan and save for you future. Pictured below is Mathew Knowles other child proven by DNA tests.... Mathew-Knowles-Alexsandra-Wright-Cover We at is just sitting back wondering will there be more women that will come forward saying he is the father!!!

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