Cue the Screams: Beyonce, Jay Z announce “On The Run” summer tour

Cue the screams: One of the hardest-working couples in show business is headed on tour.

On Monday, Jay Z and Beyonce announced a joint summer tours that will take them to 16 cities throughout North America, starting in June. jay The married couple first stirred anticipation that they'd tour together in early April, but the buzz was initially dampened by Jay Z revealing that his 2014 "Made in America" music festival will play in both Los Angeles and Philadelphia. It seems the pair just wanted an element of surprise. Their announcement of the "On the Run" tour arrived complete with an image of the two wearing ski masks. 042814-Centric-Music-Jay-Z-Beyonce-On-The-Run-Tour-Summer-2014 Even before they quietly tied the knot in 2008, Mr. and Mrs. Carter have dominated the music industry both as solo artists and as a couple. One of their recent collaborations, "Drunk In Love," was controversial but nonetheless landed at No. 1.  With their "On the Run" tour, the duo are hoping to use their combined star power for good. A dollar from each "On the Run" ticket sold will go toward the Shawn Carter Foundation
June 25: Miami, Fla.
 June 28: Cincinnati, OH
 July 1: Foxborough, Mass.
 July 5: Philadelphia, Penn.
 July 7: Baltimore, MD
 July 9: Toronto, ONT
 July 11: East Rutherford, New Jersey
 July 15: Atlanta, Ga.
 July 18: Houston, Texas
 July 20: New Orleans, LA
 July 22: Dallas, Texas
 July 24: Chicago, Ill.
 July 27: Winnipeg, MB
 July 30: Seattle, WA
 Aug. 2: Los Angeles Calif.
 Aug. 5: San Francisco, Calif.
P.S  Lets not forget that Jay Z and Beyoncé topped Forbes highest earning celebrity couples list.  Clearly this tour is going to be crazy!!!!  

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