Beyonce and Nicki Minaj team up for the “Flawless” remix.

First off, I was already in love with this song. "Flawless" was one of the most instantaneous highlights from Beyonce's self-titled album. Originally released as "Bow Down", the track was reworked for the album with a direct response to critics of Bey's feminism, incorporating a spoken word sample that stunted on each and every hater.  They song just makes you feel like you sexy.  It causes you to stand in the mirror like your the shit!!! Then Beyoncé had the nerve to add Nicki Minaj, who is another awesome and powerful woman. Can you say Hott!!! Nicki, reportedly pushed back her own single for this very release. It definitely lives up to the hype, with both ladies bringing their A-Game, and Minaj getting particularly maniacal (as she tends to do) towards the end of her extended 16. Quotable Lyrics: We escalate Up in this bitch like elevators Of course sometimes shit goes down When it's a billion dollars on the elevator 500_1407039829_jpeg_78

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