Baton Rouge Rapper Kevin Gates Releases New Music Friday

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Kevin Gates is one of the realest rappers out right now. He lives what he raps about and remains the same from day one. The album has something for everyone. A Must have for your collection.

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kevin-gates-islah   The 29 year old rapper released his highly anticipated album Friday January 29th entitled "Islah".  In true form Gates brings you nothing but REALNESS. Adorning to the TRUE Cross on his forehead between his eyes and vowing to remain true to himself and no other, Gates is as candid with this music as he is with his social commentary and views about his life. kevin1

So lets break it down:

The title "Islah" it comes from the Arabic language and is usually translated to mean "REFORM" in the sense of improvement or becoming better, which is something Gates often talks about in his music.  Reforming, changing for the better and being true to yourself at the same time. As far as his life is concerned, he is an open book. He hides nothing, including the fact that he is married to his best friend which in most cases artist try to keep private.

What you can expect from the music:

  • Gates starts off  with 3 straight fire tracks that sets the pace for the album "Not The Only One" ,"Really Really" "2 Phones".
  • The project has rhythmic and melodic qualities unlike any in hip hop music.
  • The project speaks of being true and doing what you say, while relating  to cats in the street.
  • There is something for everyone in the project.
The album also features radio and club ready tracks like "Jam" featuring Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign and Jaime Fox. [su_youtube_advanced url="" loop="yes"] The album also features songs where Gates puts his heart on his sleeve for the ladies like "Time For That" and "Hard For". He pulls out all the stops using acoustics, soulful hooks, and melodic breakdowns throughout. Gates can harmonize in ways that show off his knack for layering the music and finding ways to reach the user with real statements that people can live by and relate to. Really Really [su_youtube_advanced url="" autoplay="yes" loop="yes"] 2 Phones [su_youtube_advanced url="" loop="yes"] Jam [su_youtube_advanced url="" loop="yes"]        

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