Baby Girl Dies on First Day of Daycare!

mother McKennaRoseFelmly Every parents worst nightmare is for something to happen to their child and they not be able to stop it, help or make it better.  In Lehigh Township, PA  Police are investigating the death of a 3-month-old girl on her first day at a daycare. Yes you heard me correctly "her first day of daycare". Police are treating the death as suspicious until an autopsy can be performed, but it could take weeks to get the final results, according to WFMZ. The family of McKenna Rose Felmly says she was dropped off at the daycare around 7:45 a.m. "and she seemed fine. No signs of illness or distress." Her mother, Adrienne Kromer, called the daycare three times during the day. She said the daycare was having difficulty getting McKenna to feed from a bottle, so Kromer asked them to feed by syringe. Kromer said she would leave work early to pick McKenna up. At 3:39 p.m., the family says they got a frantic call from the daycare. "She received a call from daycare saying 'where are you? It's the baby! It's the baby! She's not breathing!!! Get here as fast as you can!'" said McKenna's father on their GoFundMe page. McKenna was taken to the hospital, but they were unable to save her. [su_quote cite="father"]"I'm not sure how we are supposed to go on. There's no reason why a 3.5 month old healthy baby girl should have lost her life, Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers if you could. Please kiss your babies for McKenna. We would like each and every child to receive McKenna kisses."[/su_quote]

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