‘Affluenza’ teen who was spared prison after killing 4 is seen partying in video

I did this story when it first broke.  I was both shocked and appalled at the 'Affluenza' defense, Now, look at the headline.  As I stated when the story came out - he needs to be punished for hurting and killing those people. Not only to give justice to the families he ruined but for his own sake.  He has to pay back for what he did within himself or just like this; he will never find peace.  Life has a strange way of righting wrongs.  This child drove drunk, maimed and killed people and he didn't go to jail because his attorney used the 'Affluenza' defense.  Simply meaning he was too spoiled to know right from wrong.  I always wonder why the extremely rich get away with literally murder, because he just didn't know any better.  Yet an underpriviledged child who may be raised in an extremely poor environment, learning how to hustle and steal to eat and have basic necessities, also may not know right from wrong.  A new word has never been made for their defense. They are simply tossed in jail for stealing to eat. This kid who has everything kills people and here he is a year or two later at a party. Regardless if he is violating probation - he is violating my sense of right and wrong in this world. After getting off so easy after taking lives and putting his friend in a wheelchair - we should see videos posted of him repaying and repenting.  

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