Aailyah Biopic Premiering November 15/Song With Chris Brown Ft Aaliyah

aaliyah aaliyah-baby-girl Lifetime unveiled the trailer for their upcoming Aaliyah biopic and it has fans of the late R&B star going nuts, but probably not for the reasons the network was hoping. People have a problem with the fact that this is a Lifetime movie about a pop star, so a scene where a record producer leans back in his chair and declares that “she’s gonna be huge” is to be expected. The issue that fans have with it is that the trailer’s soundtrack is Iggy Azalea’s “Goddess.” As I was doing my research on this biopic I came across this video by Chris Brown called Don't Think They Know ft. Aaliyah that came out last year sometime.  I don't know how I missed.  Watch the video below:

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