9-year-old weighing only 17 pounds dies from starvation; parents charged

A Harrisburg, Pa. couple has been charged with criminal homicide after their 9 year-old son died from starvation. Officials say at the time of his death the boy only weighed 16.9 pounds. starvation-collage Jarrod Jr. was found dead inside his home and investigators say he had been dead a few days. How in the hell do you as a parent allow your child to starve to death? How does any mother allow a child to miss so many meals that the growth process just stops? Kimberly Tutko and her husband Jarrod Tutko Sr. were arrested Monday. According to the criminal complaint, Jarrod Jr. was locked inside his bedroom by his parents. There was no bed, no light and no air conditioning. Feces covered the floor and walls. My heart is bleeding right now for this innocent little boy.  No child should ever have to endure anything like this. It was reported that Jarrod did have a developmental disorder called Fragile X, but the coroner determined he died of starvation and dehydration. Jarrod weighed only 11 pounds more at the time of his death than he did when he was born, according to the criminal complaint. Authorities say another child with disabilities was near death and was quickly rushed to the hospital. All five of the couple’s remaining children are in custody of Dauphin County. It's amazing that none of their family noticed.  You would just think that someone had to have knowledge of what was going on in that house. Court documents also reveal the family received $3,191 a month in welfare, which includes $351 a month in food stamps.  

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