8 Health Tips for Women of Any Age


The trick to a healthy, happy life is to develop the right ones: Habits like avoiding tobacco, maintaining good relationships, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercise, and visiting the doctor regularly. They can help you maintain a healthy weight, manage stress, keep higher energy levels, and keep you out of the hospital. They are not always simple or easy, but they are important. Take action now to incorporate at least some of these healthy habits into your life. Women in the United States live 81 years on average, almost five years longer than men. Our bodies and minds are made to carry us for several decades—to school, to work, and to give birth to babies and raise families. But women are also prone to dangerous diseases including heart disease, cancer and stroke. There are so many different ways to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. Here are some streamlined tips for protecting a woman’s physical and mental health at any age. health5  1.  Avoid Tobacco - Half of all long-term smokers will die from using tobacco. Smoking has been linked to several diseases and negative health effects, including heart disease (the number one killer of women), stroke, women’s infertility, and lung cancer. Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer.   health4  2.  Maintain Close Relationships - Research studies show that social connections increase your likelihood of surviving physical health problems, increase your level of happiness, and may even help you live longer.   health1  3.   Eat Healthy Foods - It can be difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables and prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your family every day. But when you develop a habit of eating too many of the wrong foods and too few of the right foods, you are more likely to develop serious diseases and conditions.   health6  4.   Get Physical - The right amount of physical activity makes you less likely to have heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, depression, and many more conditions. Exercise improves your bone health, sleep, and quality of life.   health2  5.   Get Your Health Check Ups and Screenings - Even if you feel well, yearly health checkups and screening tests can help women.   health8 6.   Help Others - Studies have found that helping other people can decrease your blood pressure, decrease depression, decrease your stress levels, decrease effects of chronic pain, and may even help you live longer. health3  7.   Get Your Sleep - Sleep problems (including insomnia and nighttime pain) tend to affect women more often than men. Over time, not getting enough sleep is linked to obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Sleeping seven to nine hours per night can improve your mood, your memory, your stress levels, your safety, and your body’s ability to fight disease. health7 8.  Make Time For Yourself - Whether yoga, meditation, massage, reading a book, a walk in the park.   These have numerous proven physical health benefits including weight loss, decreased blood pressure, decreased risk of heart disease and diabetes, resistance to disease, and joint pain relief.

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