8 Gross Things Every New Mom Has Totally Done


Admit it—you can relate to at least a few of these gross new mommy moments:

Putting breast milk or formula in your coffee. When you have no other options, a few squirts of baby’s milk will do the trick, no? Besides, nature’s coffee creamer sure beats having to prep your pewee for a trip to the mini-mart; that could take hours! Playing with a baby booger to see how sticky it is. Every new mama knows that infant snot is as tough to get off your fingers as super glue. It’s definitely gross but I’m not the only mom who has a fascination with newborn baby boogers am I? Picking at baby’s cradle cap. No mom can deny having done this! It’s addicting. I try to stop when my wee one gets annoyed at me. Sorry, sweetie. Thinking, “I kinda like the smell of my baby’s poop.” Aww, the baby pooped. Cute. It isn’t as deliciously fragrant as your honey’s hair or skin but everything about a newborn is yummy…even dirty diapers! Burping while you’re burping your baby. All that motion, repetition. Pat, pat, pat. Mama’s bound to burp a teeny bit too. Accidentally getting spit up in your mouth. It happened to me this evening. My baby sputtered and a few drops of spit up flew at my open lips. I didn’t care, as gross at it seems. I’ve dealt with much worse as a mom-of-three! Knowingly wearing a shirt out of the house that has been peed on. What new mom hasn’t put on the only shirt that looks good post-baby and then promptly been peed on? Can’t very well change into something that’s too tight and completely unflattering. The pee shirt it is! Sleeping on sheets you know have baby “stuff” on them. You’re in bed late one night feeding baby. She spits up or worse, pees or poops and it gets on your sheets. Yawn. Too tired to change the bedding now. Put baby back to bed, clean it up as best you can, and doze off too. If you can’t yet relate to any of these gross new mom moments, don’t worry…you will! What is the grossest thing you have done as a new mom? via  BabyCenter Blog.

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