7 Tips To Make Wearing Heels Way More Comfortable

heels Wearing heels CAN hurt. Trust me, after a week of wearing heels, a pair of Jordans always sounds heavenly. But there’s actually ways to make your heel-wearing experience more comfortable. For those that wear heels every day, I’m sure you know most of these tips but it never hurts to have a refresher. And for those beauties who almost never wear them but need to break out the heels for a special event, keep these in mind! I hope they help! heels2
  1. Lose some height. Yes, this one might seem obvious, but it needs to be said! If you can spare some height, shave down your heel. Usually a shoe repair shop will be able to shave down your heel for a small fee (about $10). Make sure not to ask for more than an inch because it will mess with the shoe’s construction and arch, though.
  2. Wear them in. This is one of the most important tips. Don’t leave your house for a long event before wearing in your heels. Walk around the house for a few hours wearing the heels in socks to stretch the areas that would be pinching your feet.
  3. Walk correctly. Yes, of course there’s a right way to walk in heels! Engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe. Keep your head and spine straight. There are gel insoles and cushions you can buy to prevent blisters, as well.
  4. Use moleskin or gel insoles. Moleskin is amazing and using it to line your shoes will make a real difference.
  5. Find platforms or ankle straps. For those of you shopping for a new pair, and are novices at mastering the heel, platforms are definitely more comfortable than the stiletto. Basically the thicker the heel the more comfortable it will be. Also, ankle straps help a lot!
  6. Rub lipbalm on your heels. This will help prevent blisters as well!
  7. Tape your third and fourth toe (counting from your big toe) together. This one is a bonus because I’ve actually never tried it before! I recently found out that it can help so I’m adding it in. I might try it next time! You guys should try it and let me know what you think.
heels1 I’m not saying these tips will make it feel like you’re walking on clouds, but they definitely help and can make wearing heels all the time a much better experience. Now go work it, loves!

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