7 Surprising Vodka Hacks

smirnoff_vodka_70cl 1) Do your flowers dry too quickly? Add a few drops of vodka to the mix. The liquor makes flowers age more slowly. 4 2) Rinse your razor in vodka. It prevents rusting and cleans the blade. razor 3) Using vodka as a facial toner. It can reduce acne and pore size. mds21460_cotton_balls 4) To make a flexible ice pack, add equal parts water and vodka. Seal and freeze. how-to-make-gel-packs 5) Add a shot of vodka to shampoo for luscious shiny hair shampoo-1 6) Got smelly feet? Rub or soak your feet to eliminate odor woman-feet 7) Dirty glasses? Add vodka to a rag and wipe clean SONY DSC

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