14-Year-Old Girl Decided to Sail Around the World Alone

When I came across this story, it made me very excited. I love when kids set goals and follow thru with them. Usually our younger generation don't step outside there comfort area or dare to be different so its always a pleasure to see when they do. I will continue to say that we limit our children especially when they have the potential to be great. In 2010, 14-year-old Laura Dekker took to the seas in her sailboat, Guppy, on a quest to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone. Maidentrip, a forthcoming feature-length documentary, follows Dekker on her voyage, told largely through footage that Dekker shot while at sea. Far from her family and without a support team, Dekker goes where the wind takes her. In an exclusive excerpt of the film above, Dekker sails from French Polynesia to Australia. In 2009, when Dekker first announced plans to sail the world, Dutch authorities prevented her from setting sail for a year. “Of course there are people who say you’re crazy, but it’s a dream. A great, great dream. I want to sail, I want to go around the world. I want to see all the places and not always the stupid same thing,” says Dekker at the start of the film. “I lived my first five years at sea and ever since, all I’ve wanted is to return to that life.” In January 2012, after 17 months at sea, Laura successfully completed her voyage. What is Dekker up to today? Laura is living on her own in New Zealand, doing a bit of traveling and speaking about her experiences. She recently got her driver's license. She's also busy plotting her next adventure

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