12-year old kidpreneur brings the bowtie back and makes a names for his self in the fashion world!!

Moziah is bring bowties back

A precocious Memphis sixth-grader named Moziah Bridges has decided to bring the classic and cool bowtie back, a gesture that has gotten attention from Steve Harvey, Forbes, British GQ, and even Oprah. You may have seen Mo's Bows on ABCs hit show Shark Tank as Moziah recently unveiled his handcrafted bows before the shows panel of five investors. He received one offer from businessman Kevin O'Leary for $50,000 in exchange for $3 for every tie sold. But standing in the way was shark Daymond John, founder of the $6 billion dollar FUBU fashion line, who advised Moziah not to take the money and instead offered a valuable mentorship. Not a bad partnership to have for the blooming entrepreneur. Moziah Bridges "I started this business when I was 9 years old, when I was in the fourth grade,” he says. Now his business has expanded to include over 20 different bowtie styles, and wholesale orders from over 10 luxury menswear stores. Mos-Bows-ABC-Shark-Tank-Photo1 Moziah's mother, Tramica, says, “He was three or four years old and I remember I let him dress himself and he’d come in a full suit and tie and I’m like, we’re going to the grocery store, what are you doing?” It’s probably just in his blood. “Mo’s father and grandfather were involved in the fashion and music business. He just comes from a long line of sharp dressing men,” his mother says. Moziah says of his grandfather: “My grandfather would wear nice clothes just to go to McDonald’s. I absorbed it from him.” Moziah explains, “I chose the bowtie because I couldn’t find anything that I liked and I just wanted to look good and feel good…So I asked my grandma if she’d teach me to sew, and then I just started wearing them every day.” His grandmother had been sewing for over 50 years and had lots of vintage fabrics and fun patterns to work with. 1397247039-mos-bows-2014 Moziah started modeling his bowties at school, and though other kids found it “a little weird” at first, Tramica says he kept going. Soon strangers were stopping him on the street, asking where they could find bowties like his. It was after such an encounter that Mo first expressed an interest in starting a business. Tramica asked what he’d call his business and she remembers, “Right away he said, ‘Mo’s Bows.’ And I was like oh my gosh, that’s perfect.”Tramica helped Mo get started by printing business cards and setting up a web page and store on Etsy where his ties and pocket squares are available anywhere from $40 to $60. Eventually they shopped the bowties around to local stores. Moziah has been on The Steve Harvey  shows.mos-bows He’s quickly gained a voice in the fashion world and beyond to inspire any budding entrepreneur. Featured in The Oprah Magazine, NBC’s Today Show, GQ, GQ Germany, British Vogue, and over a dozen other magazines and TV appearances, Moziah has appreciated every single one as an opportunity to meet and connect with new people. “The coolest person I’ve connected with is Tommy Hilfiger. He called me on the phone,” Moziah says, beaming. It had been an encouraging boost to hear admiration from a designer of Hilfiger's ranks. Moziah was also featured in Oprah's Magazine: Not only can you look great in a stylish bowtie but u can get creative with it and use it like a hair accessory as well. mo-banner

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