10 Uses for Aluminum Foil

aluminum-foil One of the most useful items in your house is probably hiding underutilized in a kitchen drawer. Aluminum foil is one of the most versatile materials commonly found in homes! Sure, you use it to line a roasting pan or to cover a casserole. You may even use it to catch drips under your stovetop burners. But did you know that there are dozens of other uses for that roll of aluminum foil?

Soften Brown Sugar

brown sugar

If your brown sugar has clumped together, do not give up on it. Simply wrap the brown sugar in aluminum foil, bake in an oven at 300 for five minutes, and the result is soft brown sugar ready for use.

Get rid of rust

Crumple a piece of foil, and use it to rub rust spots off car bumpers and shower-curtain rods.

Make a funnel

Curl a section of foil into a cone shape, secure it with tape, and start pouring.

Fix a loose connection

Fold a 1-square-inch piece of foil several times and insert it between a battery and a loose spring to hold it in place and complete the circuit.
Protect Steel Wool
steel wool
Those that use steel wool pads to clean off pots and pans ought to consider wrapping them up in aluminum foil, and storing them in the freezer to prevent them from accumulating rust. This will extend their usage.

Clean Pots And Pans

pots n pans If all of the wool pads have been used, crumple up a few sheets of aluminum foil and use them to scrape your pots and pans clean.

Sharpen Scissors


Scissors can get dull after multiple uses. Fold the aluminum foil six to seven times into a square, and simply cut across the foil to create a sharper edge to your scissors.

Reduce static cling.

Roll aluminum foil into a tight, two-inch ball and toss it into your dryer with your wet clothes. It will help get rid of annoying static cling.

Help TV/radio reception.

Do you have an old TV or radio that has an antenna? Resurrect a time-honored tradition of wrapping a little ball of foil and wrap it around the antenna ends for clearer reception.

Protect Plants 

Young outdoor plants such as pots of tomatoes or herbs may need protection from worms and other pests. Wrap a strip of foil around the base stem of any plant to prevent critters from crawling up.


Now that we’ve given you some food for thought, you will probably come up with additional ideas for using aluminum foil in your own household. And by the way, it still works great as a way to keep the crust from burning while you are browning a pie or the cheese from getting too crispy when you are baking your favorite lasagna.

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